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Far Memory

PDF During the last twenty years, seven books of mine have been published as historical novels which to me are biographies of previous lives I have known. Far Memory is the autobiography of my ?rst thirty years in the twentieth century. From early childhood, often to my extreme discomfort, I was sometimes aware beyond the usual range of the ?ve senses. I tried to ignore the implications of this awareness, but it was too insistent; so in an attempt to understand what was happening I laboriously trained the faculty of far memory. This book describes, among other things, how I did so and what happened to me as the result. "Twenty years ago a book was published that electrified the world, a story set in ancient Egypt, entitled Winged Pharaoh. It was written by a young woman called Joan Grant. Now a book is published, Far Memory, which is Joan Grant's autobiography. It tells how Winged Pharaoh came to be written. It is the most touching, most amusing, most astonishing real life story I have ever read." - Nancy Spain, London Daily Express

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