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The First Adventure of Sir Errol Hyde : The Case of the Wayward Prince

PDF About The First Adventures of Sir Errol Welcome to a new mystery series featuring Sir Errol Hyde, the quirkiest and funniest private detective in 1908 London! It's mystery, suspense and high comedy, generously peppered with wayward royals, lowlifes, psychics, courtesans and scoundrels. Sir Errol's first adventure begins when he agrees to run a sensitive errand for a prince. Soon, however, he finds himself up to the tux-tails in a criminal conspiracy worthy of Professor Moriarty himself. Sir Errol Hyde is a charming, randy curmudgeon whose intuitive leaps of detection take place against a background of rich sub-plots. Sir Errol's investigations also bring him into contact with historical characters of the time. In a series of hilarious cameos, Sir Errol encounters Jung, Einstein, Virginia Woolf, Isadora Duncan and an overheated young German with an odd little moustache. Sir Errol's cross-town rival in detection, Sherlock Holmes, also pops into the narrative from time to time with amusing consequences. If you like laugh-out-loud dialogue, a cracking good mystery plot and an intriguing new detective, you will love your journey through Sir Errol's world.

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