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Circle of Truth

PDF Psychological profiler Kadee Carlisle works with New York City Homicide Detectives Poole and Gibbs to solve murder cases. In their most recent case, they learn the two people charged with the murder of Dr. Jacob Temple are not the perpetrators. With little evidence and even fewer leads, Kadee must help the detectives find Jacob's killer while struggling with the decision to reveal new information about her ex-boyfriend Noah Donovan's murder. It could point to a new killer-one who may be too close to home. Meanwhile, a maniacal killer has moved across the street from Kadee, and she is making plans for Kadee's future: one that ends in her death. The killer is clever. She watches Kadee from across the street, stalks her, soon discovering a secret Kadee has kept buried. She will use this secret to destroy Kadee's life one piece at a time before killing her. Will Kadee be the next to die? Or will someone else? And could Jacob Temple be only one victim among many of a new serial killer? If so, the clock is counting down on Kadee to solve the Temple case before the killer strikes again-and to save her own life. Secrets, betrayals and a sophisticated murderer with a harrowing plan for vengeance coalesce in the third installment of this erotic thriller trilogy. Sometimes we miss the truth when it's right in front of us. And the consequences can be deadly.

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