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The British Cavalry Sword from 1600

PDF This book is dedicated at collectors of British Cavalry Swords and portrayed in a form that is both simplistic and an informative guide that does not claim to be an academic treatise. The essential features of sword hilt recognition, the prime means of recognizing a cavalry sword, are made by photographs and descriptions of swords from the authors own collection, supported by sketches of sword hilts that have not been generally publicised, but which show some of the history and development of the British cavalry sword. The swords have been placed in sections of time, together with brief histories of those times to give a background, and further supported by stories and accounts, either of fact, alegorical of an idea that would suit the circumstances; these accounts aimed at creating a stimulus for the collector to carry out his own research into the swords he owns, and demonstrate that not only does he own a piece of history, but can also own a sword that has actually contributed something toward that history.

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