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Rich Boy Mafia 4

PDF It's been a whole year since Monte and Anise part ways but Monte still has faith that they'll be together again. Even though Kyah tries to replace Anise, Monte knows who truly has his heart and soul. Anise on the other hand isn't looking for a relationship at the moment - just sex with no strings attached and a whole lot of fun. But what will happen when her fun gets her caught up? From the outside looking in, Phalon and Lovely seem to have the perfect relationship but everything isn't always as it seems. Just like everybody else, their relationship will be tested but will their love prove to be strong enough to withstand the obstacles thrust in their way? Infidelity - a problem in many relationships and Asha and Rahsaan are no different. Even though they never thought disloyalty and cheating could penetrate their strong bond, it has and now they must deal with it. Will they be able to reconcile or will they say goodbye forever?

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